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About Us

As Star Mis Sabunculuk we aim to enter the sector; This handicraft, which is unique to Edirne, can be introduced to the market with its quality and original shape. Therefore, in the making and designing of our products, the original suitability and the naturalness of the historical mysteries that come from the past to the present day are the front plan. We use soaps that conform to the DALAN 's ISO 9001 standard in the construction of our handmade soaps, which are unique to our city. We are painted with food paints which are suitable for health conditions and certified. The dimensions of our products are the same as the actual fruit sizes. The accessories (seeds and stems) found in our products are natural. A 350 m2 built-in area that does not compromise on the quality of the work is a family business with a job of 22 people. With monthly production capacity of 30.000, we offer all our products you demanded to our valued customers. Your product orders will arrive safely with our agreed shipping company within 2 days.

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